Terms of Use

Fair Use

The fair use of the content is intended to benefit from it, provided that no harm is caused to the owners of the content itself.

For subscribers to the site

We are very interested in your personal profile being evidence of your progress, skills and experiences in your field. That's why any comment, question, photo, etc. you share with us, we make sure it's ethical before we publish it. If you intentionally post something immoral, it will be rejected and your account may be suspended.

Also, it is strictly forbidden for you to share content from external sources and claiming that you are the author of this content, because we never allow abuse of respect for the copyrights of others.

For Student

In general, we do not mind at all that you copy all the content of the site if your goal is to study from it later because you do not have an internet connection all the time, but we do not allow sharing the content that you copied on other sites.

We give you the full right to use the content in your research, and in this case you should only share the links from which you copied the content or mention the name of the site only within the sources that you relied on in conducting your research.

For content creators

We do not mind if you copying some paragraphs from the site, but you should always mentioned the links that you used.

We do not mind you if teaching directly from the site, for example, if you intend to prepare a course on YouTube or Udemy, and during the explanations you want to open the site during the lesson, there is no problem with that, provided that the identity of the site is not hidden.

It is strictly forbidden for you to copy the explanations as they are and display them on another platform, in applications, or in the form of books, even if you mention their sources.

Preventive Measures

In the event that you violate copyrights, we will have to report you, because by doing so, you will harm the site and make it regression in the search results. That is why you do not blame us when we report you, and your site or YouTube channel is closed, or your application in which you violated copyrights is deleted, because you are the one who caused this to yourself and with your knowledge.


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