English Alphabet

The form of letters

There are 26 letters in the English language, they can be written in small and capital letters.

How to pronounce English letters?

These are all the letters and their forms, you can click on each letter to hear the pronunciation.


How to spell English words?

Beginner learners can make lots of mistakes when they try to read words written in English because they try to say every letter in the word; and this totally wrong. The right way to improve your speaking skill is by hearing the spelling from native speakers, then try to repeat the after them.

If you look at the following words you will notice that you should not say every letter in them.

  • Phone – The ph letters in this word make the sound F.
  • Light – The gh letters in this word are silents.
  • Hour – The letter H here is silent.

Types of letters

Letters are divided into two categories: the vowels and the consonants:

  • The vowels letters are: A, E, I, O, U,
  • The rest of letters are consonants.

It is important to memorize the vowels, because there are many grammar rules depending on them.

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