SQL Getting Started

In this lesson, you will learn how to download and install SQL Server & MySQL Workbench step by step and use them to start learning databases concepts and SQL commands.

How SQL commands are executed

An SQL command that is sent to a database is called a Query. The query is not executed directly in the database, instead it's passed through many steps to give back a final result as following.

The Database Server will check if the query is written correctly and whether it can be executed or not. If no error is detected, then it will execute the query on the database and then give you back the result of the query which let you know what happend.

If the database server find any error in the query or detect that you are not allow to execute it for any reason, it shows you directly an error message explains why it refuse to execute.

What is MySQL

MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that is based on structured query language (SQL). It's developed by Oracle as an open source database engine. So it's free to use, very powerfull and popular.

In this course you will use MySQL to learn all SQL commands.

We will focus on SQL commands not MySQL features. Be sure that what you will learn can be applied on other RDBMS like Oracle, SQL Server, SQLite etc..

Environment setup for SQL

To work with databases you have to install a database server on your machine. There are many paid and free softwares that can used to build and manage databases. However, we will use an application called MySQL Workbench specifically because it's totally free and have a great graphical user interface that make your practicing easy and clear.

Installation Steps

These are links from Youtube that explain all the steps you'll need to download and install MySQL Server & MySQL Workbench whatever your operating system is.

Steps for Windows Steps for Mac Steps for Linux

In the next lesson you will learn how to start using MySQL Workbench and writing your first query


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